Preparing for surgery these last few days has been like getting ready to go into labor. I’ve been nesting. My house is tidy and the fridge is full. I’ve also gotten a haircut, my nails done, and even indulged in a massage. The cleaning was going to continue this morning until I
twisted my ankle and fell flat on my face walking my kids to the bus stop.

Now I lay here in my bedroom – my leg elevated and covered in ice. My left ankle is the size of a tennis ball and when I walk it hurts. A LOT. To make matters worse, I can’t even hobble to the kitchen to dull the pain with a bowl of Frosted Flakes. I’m not allowed to eat today. Clear liquids only; I have surgery tomorrow.

I am going to make it through today. The Tylenol I just took will kick in soon. I can’t have a broken ankle. Not now! I have an appointment with a surgeon tomorrow and the operation may just save my life.

Tomorrow morning I will wake-up, cuddle with my kids, and then take off with my husband, Mark, for the hospital. The surgery is scheduled for 9:30am and I’ve been asked to check-in at 7:30am. Mark will update my Blog tomorrow and he’ll let you know how I’m doing. Then, as soon as I’m able, I’ll start writing again and tell you how I’m feeling.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. I’m ready for surgery. Even if I have to limp to get there.