I just got off the phone with my doctor’s office and I have been officially cleared for surgery. The results of the pre-op blood work I did last week came back all fine.

And, in honor of Thanksgiving, I thought you’d love to read the menu I was given for next Wednesday, November 28th, the day-before-my-operation:

The patient (that’s me!) should be on a clear liquid diet the day before surgery.

* Water
* Apple or White Grape Juice
* Clear Broth – Bouillon Cubes or Powder (Chicken or Beef)
* Ginger Ale, Sprite, or 7-Up
* Jello — Any Color Except Red or Purple (Light Colors Only)
* Ice Pops – Lemon or Lime
* Tea without Milk
* Gatorade (Light Colors Only)

And, starting at 9:00am that same day, I’ll have to drink one 10oz bottle of Magnesium Citrate. Delicious.

The operation is getting very close and I am thrilled that it’ll soon be here. Ever since my mother died of ovarian cancer 11 years ago, I’ve had a cancer-cloud hovering over my head and I’ll be relieved to have it gone. But, I must admit, I am getting more and more anxious.

My nerves, though, are not about whether or not to have the surgery; I am very clear about that. I know it’s the right choice — for me. I know that tackling my BRCA1 status head-on is the only decision I was ever going to make. What I am nervous about is the surgery itself and my fear of being put to sleep and never waking up again.

So, this Thanksgiving will be extra special for me:

I will hug my children harder. Kiss my husband longer. And eat a lot more pumpkin pie.

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