Today is two weeks since my surgery and I basically feel as if I never had an operation. The best news I can report is that I haven’t had a single hot flash. Not one. So far, surgical menopause is just something I was anticipating and fearing – but haven’t had to deal with — and maybe never will. I am not on any hormones and won’t be taking any unless my symptoms change.

My biggest concern right now is getting myself on a diet of good food and supplements to prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is usually  associated with older women who’ve gone through menopause naturally and gradually – but since I’ve had my ovaries removed and because I’m now in menopause – I need to care about calcium and vitamin D more than most 37-year-old women. Because of that, my doctor told me I should schedule a base-line bone density test and I’ve also decided to make an appointment with a nutritionist.

I go back to my surgeon next Tuesday for what I’m expecting to be my last follow-up visit. While I’m a little more tired than I’d like, my doctor has assured me that my fatigue is simply the result of having had a major operation and that I’ll be back to my normal energy level soon. That’s good…and bad. I’ve gotten used to puttering around my house, reading magazines, and generally avoiding work…Well, all good rest must come to an end…even if the R&R started because of surgery.

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