The clock struck midnight a week ago and just like that we got 365 new days full of promise. I’m a resolution person. I’m grateful for new beginnings. This year, I’ve decided to double down on my efforts to celebrate and honor loved ones intentionally.  I’m on a mission. Join me!

Whether it was last year or decades ago that you lost someone close to your heart, make this the year to do something that is a purposeful act remembrance.  My book, Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive, is full of eighty-five ideas to commemorate those we never want to forget. I call these strategies Forget Me Nots. 

Here are a few Forget Me Nots to consider:

  • Embrace Throwback Thursday. Post a picture of your loved one on social media.  There’s no need to do this every week, but when you do, use the hashtag #tbt.  Making loved ones part of your regular digital life keeps them remarkably present.
  • Find an old letter with your loved one’s handwriting.  Ask a jeweler to transfer a meaningful word or phrase onto a piece of jewelry.
  • Frame a love-worn recipe card.  Enjoy it as a piece of art in your kitchen.
  • Gather a few pieces of their clothing and transform them into throw pillows.
  • Upload several cherished photos to a Google Doc.  Invite friends and family to add photos, too.  Encourage everyone to write a brief story or caption to accompany each image.  Take joy in remembering together.
  • Enjoy their favorite foods. My mother loved chocolate ice cream and my father relished Chicken Parmesan.  When I eat either one, I feel a profound and wonderful sense of closeness to my parents.

Remembering can be quick and doesn’t require too much effort. And it’s not just something to do during the holidays! Remembering can happen easily and at anytime – whenever you feel that recognizable tug. How do you remember?  I’d love to hear from you.

By the way, the incredible artwork featured on this post is also featured in Passed and Present by the brilliant illustrator Jennifer Orkin Lewis. Isn’t it just wonderful?

Cheers to a new year of remembering!

remember with purpose