Holidays can be challenging for individuals who’ve lost loved ones, but they also offer unrivaled opportunities for keeping memories of family and friends alive. Below are three of my favorite ways to honor and celebrate the special people we never want to forget.

Make Memory Magnets
Rather than using conventional place cards at your holiday gathering, create memory magnets featuring images of your loved ones. Encourage family members to take these sentimental favors home to use on their refrigerators or washing machines. This simple project takes just a few minutes to do.

Use Social Media
If you can’t be with every member of your family on Thanksgiving, share memories of loved ones on social media, tagging relatives to share their pictures and recollections, too. I used this strategy on the 20th anniversary of my mother’s death. The result was a digital celebration of her life.

Create Poignant Playlists
Use memories to inspire meaningful holiday playlists. Before my uncle died, he dictated a list of his favorite pieces of music. This was an especially powerful experience for me because he was an accomplished, Grammy Award-winning musician. What songs did your loved one enjoy?

Want additional ideas? I reveal 85 practical and creative opportunities in my book, Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive.