Too early to think about the holidays? I think now is the perfect time! COVID-19 has sharpened my focus on what’s most important to me. Without the ability to do much of anything in public these last few months, I’ve spent most weekends tidying up my home, getting rid of clutter, and organizing and digitizing family photographs. And it’s all been making me feel stronger and boosting my appreciation for all that’s still positive in my life — my friends, family, and yes, even my very loud cat.

Pictures spark memories, and research shows feelings of nostalgia can make us happierSo, let’s use the time between now and the holidays to make sure the gifts we give this year will make each recipient feel especially adored and special. Doesn’t that seem more important now than ever?

Here are five amazing gift ideas from 365Canvas. 365Canvas specializes in making personalized photo gifts, from canvas prints and mugs to blankets and pillows. 

For Mom

Since so many people are working from home these days, the opportunity to add a sentimental touch to Mom’s new workspace seems ideal. To make this plaque, just upload a favorite photo and type the list of “giver” names you’d like printed. View details here.

For Dad

This coffee mug is the perfect size and I love how you can customize it with a message just by clicking the “Personalize” button. I found the process super easy. View details here.


Loss, no matter how painful, has a remarkable upside. It teaches us to appreciate all the good that remains around us. Let your best friend know how much you love her with this tailor-made photo pillow. View details here.

For Coworker

It’s often hard to know what to get coworkers. This blanket is a great solution, and you don’t even need photographs. All that’s required are your coworkers’ names. View details here.

For Neighbor

I especially love the idea of finding a meaningful gift for a special neighbor. This one does the trick. The canvas map comes in three sizes (12×12 to 20×20) and you simply pick the location you want by typing your town or city into the search bar. View details here.

For Griever

Of course, I can’t stop at five. How could I resist adding one more gift idea, this time for grievers? This canvas print comes in a small enough size it can be hung without too much fanfare by your front door, in a bathroom, even inside your coat closet next to the light switch. The message is a gentle reminder of what I know for sure: those who have passed, if we’re proactive about keeping their memory alive, can be an essential part of our present. If that sounds familiar, you’re right; I wrote an entire book about it!

If you’re seeking even more inspiration for the holidays, check out “Three Ways to Boost Memories of Loved Ones This Thanksgiving.” And if you’re looking for step-by-step guidance on preserving and archiving photos, take a look at my e-course, Photos & More: Meaningful Strategies for Organizing & Digitizing. May this gift-giving season be your most uplifting yet.

This post was created in partnership with 365Canvas.