The Joy of Connections

The Joy of Connections
Dr. Ruth’s strategies are essential for building the kinds of bonds that will reduce loneliness and transform lives.
Happier podcast host and bestselling author Gretchen Rubin

The Joy of Connections offers a straightforward road map for overcoming loneliness with 100 concrete ideas and opportunities that can be acted upon immediately. The book is centered on Dr. Ruth’s Menu for Connection, a new and groundbreaking framework for building deep and lasting human connections. 

Similar to the colorful plate the USDA uses to recommend which food groups should be consumed for a healthy lifestyle, the Menu for Connection represents the parts of our life that require the most care and attention for nurturing meaningful relationships — “Self,” “Family,” “Friends & Lovers,” “Community,” and a small portion of “Technology.” 

Anchored by Dr. Ruth’s own story, from the horrific loneliness of losing her family in the Holocaust, to living in an orphanage, to rebuilding her life in America and eventually becoming a world-renowned sex-therapist, The Joy of Connections also reveals intimate sides of American icon Dr. Ruth never before shared.


Dr. Ruth has done it again! If only I could give this book to my lonely twenty-something self.
Judy Blume
I understand from my unique perch that Americans are suffering. We need help learning how to reconnect with each other. Dr. Ruth’s wisdom comes at just the right time.
Sunny Hostin
With her newest book, The Joy of Connections, my friend and honorary bubbe Dr. Ruth has brought her particular brand of expertise and insight to address the crisis of loneliness. She is as practical, savvy, enthusiastic, and tough as ever – all her best qualities – to help us all face the challenges of loneliness and improve our well-being.
Nate Berkus
Who better to take on the loneliness epidemic than the legend who helped us talk about sex without blushing. As Dr. Ruth knows, our needs go well beyond the bedroom. This is urgent work. We’re lucky to have her in the fight.
Dan Harris
The more I study happiness, the more I understand that strong relationships are key — perhaps the key — to living a happy life. To be happy, we need to feel like we belong, that we’re connected to others. This is exactly why we need Dr. Ruth’s new book. Her strategies are essential for building the kinds of bonds that will reduce loneliness and transform lives.
Gretchen Rubin
Dr. Ruth's brilliance and insight into human behavior will continue to enlighten and support all those whose loneliness and isolation have been crippling.
Vera Wang
Dr. Ruth brings her decades of therapeutic experience to offer a practical approach for building relationships. Her Menu for Connection is a “how-to” guide for anyone struggling with loneliness. If you have ever found yourself wondering, how can I do this? — now you have literally 100 ways!
Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad, director of the Social Connection & Health Lab and lead scientific editor for the U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory on loneliness and isolation
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