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Covering Catastrophe Book Rights Assigned To September 11 Museum

Covering Catastrophe

Publishing Rights Transferred to
National September 11 Memorial & Museum

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The National September 11 Memorial Museum opens Wednesday, May 21. In honor of this historic day, I am very proud to announce publishing rights to my first book Covering Catastrophe: Broadcast Journalists Report September 11 have been legally transferred to the Memorial & Museum. Proceeds will support the Museum’s programs and exhibitions in perpetuity. I am also humbled to let you know that my experience covering 9/11 for WNBC-TV is part of the Museum’s Permanent Collection. I was nearly killed by falling debris when the second tower collapsed. I was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, my clothes were cut off my body, and a tube was put down my throat to help me breathe. I’ve recorded my oral history for the Museum and the emergency triage tag put around my neck will be on display.


  • Covering Catastrophe is considered the definitive historical record of how broadcasters performed their jobs that tragic day.
  • The book contains 130 personal reflections from nationally recognized television and radio journalists including Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw, Mika Brzezinski, Ann Compton, John King, Jon Scott, Cynthia McFadden, Ashleigh Banfield, Larry King, and Dan Rather.
  • The book was made into a documentary by the US State Department and distributed to embassies and consulates around the world.
  • Covering Catastrophe will be featured in the Museum store and will be available for purchase to the 2.5 million visitors expected annually.
  • For more on the book and my experience covering 9/11, click here.


  • My oral history is part of the Museum’s Permanent Collection and will be made available to visitors, historians, researchers, scholars, and authors.
  • The Emergency triage tag put around my neck is installed in the Museum. It will be one of a small number of survivor artifacts.
  • The WNBC-TV press credential I wore on 9/11 is also part of the Museum’s Permanent Collection.

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Authors of Covering Catastrophe transfer publishing rights to @Sept11Memorial to support Museum in perpetuity. #honor911 #wtc


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Allison Gilbert - Covering Catastrophe Supports 9/11 Museum and Memorial

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